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North Campus Delhi University
Written by DU Khabar

Hey! Well I have completed my two years at a place I had dreamt of since 16.  As I categorize myself as a writer and an avid observer of people around and things-the lights, shadows ,smiling faces, charming geeks , the revered SWAMI VIVEKANDA STATUE and not to mention the street eye candy- the rickshaw pullers, DELHI UNIVERSITY is just so much more than an institution. Walking down the lanes, under the shadows of green leaves , I marvel at the vibrancy of the place which has been a home to me and thousands of other adolescents.
Ahh! The university area has been classified into four zones , with colleges spread all over Delhi region-North Campus, South Campus , East Campus and West Campus. But here , I would like to grab the opportunity to talk more about us-you and I ,the students who make this university the institution it is. Although the structures stand tall and old , worn out , pale , broken yet  held together by the intellectually proficient minds , the people –we come and go.
The university is an amalgamation of cultures , dialects , skin colors, languages ,ideologies, opinions and definitely much more than college based classroom learning. There is constant tussle between students regarding their college standards. There are also numerous differences amongst us but then we also have spots-the places to feed hungry tummies and share chai’s and Maggie. They cater to bridging the geographical boundaries and bind us into innocent emotions of love , care and friendship.
My very motive of penning down this article is to make you guys think. Ponder upon the very fact of your three year existence in this place- the esteemed VISHWAVIDYALYA and make the most of it. The trees have been lined up for years , the sun making its way through bright green leaves and casting their grissly shadows under the yellow light , the traffic poles would stand erect , helping autos rush without damaging their structure , the patel chest – photocopy and momos , will also exist for quite some time , but my friend , look around ; will you be there to hear the bus roll past , wind blowing your hair, making you look more beautiful under the sun? Will you be there to sip the chai of that McDonald’s ki gali wale bhaiya who gets your cup ready as soon as he sees you walking by?
We all love this place. Its enigma, grace and smell makes our daily lectures a bearable task. But we all will have to go someday,very soon. Make place for others to live their DU dream. Yet relive the moments spent here in our future life.
So go out, make new friends walk under this blue DU sky, hog on in the streets of Hudson Line , shop from the by lanes of Kamla Nagar , share some intimate moments in the privacy of Ridge closures!!
There’s so much about the life here in Delhi university, about our lives in this DU world-the pg’s and hostels, the societies, the stalkers, the sutta joints and the kissing spots. Oops! It’s a NO SMOKING zone ! but who cares…hum DU se hain! Hmara man..hum kahi bhi kuch bhi kr sakte hain!!

Delhi University it is…all yours!


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