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Delhi University stands for Jadavpur University!

Written by Tanya Singh

Power exploits, corrupts and people scoop down to the lowest levels of integrity and humanity. The scenario in Jadavpur University explains everything, and as students in general we may as well show our support if we cannot go and fight with them against the corrupt system.

Women were molested, TMC GOONS, disguised as civilians, brutally harassed and bea the students who were peacefully protesting and the VC just swiftly was escorted because talking to students and understanding their situation is so “against the dignity.” Result, more students were molested harassed, lathi charged and thrown in jail. This is what is accepted out of an institution. This is the sense of responsibility and morale!

Delhi University stands for Jadavpur University and shows it support and disgust against the system. The power holders cannot abuse their power and responsibility and we shall not grow vulnerable towards the atrocities.

“Peace and war are extreme terms and we as students here are peacefully at war. There is no politics or schemes, straight from within, no fuss. What happened is not acceptable.” – Siddhartha Srivastava Engineering student, JU.

Image source: Indian Express


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