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Delhi University Model United Nations – DUMUN

Written by DU Khabar

Students of Delhi University will be organizing the fifth edition of Delhi University Model United Nations: DUMUN 2015. The conference will be held from 3rd – 5th of April 2015 (visit: for more information). Since its inception in 2010, the conference has seen participation of over 1600 delegates and 120 Executive Board members, including an International presentation at WEMUN Expo China, making it India’s largest conference of its kind. It is also India’s first pan-University Model United Nations conference.

Model United Nations (MUN) is an academic simulation of the United Nations or UN (which is a multilateral forum for countries to deliberate and form consensus on various global issues). In a MUN conference individual participants represent diplomats of different countries and discuss various issues in simulations of different organs of the UN such as the General Assembly, the Human Rights Council or the Security Council. The participants or the ‘delegates’ are judged on the basis of their speeches and debating skills, understanding of Foreign Polices of the country which they are representing, research and analysis on the given issue and further on their lobbying and negotiations skills. An MUN conference also simulates an International Press, which runs as a separate competition focused on testing reporting, analytical and writing skills of participating ‘reporters’. Both the delegates and the reporters are judged by the experienced Executive and Editorial Board respectively.

DUMUN wishes to provide a unique platform to not only educate and inform students about global issues but also induce several skills (such as public-speaking). DUMUN has been known for its innovation. It has continued to emphasise on quality of deliberations and importance of professional conduct. Keeping in mind DUMUN’s vision of providing an inclusive environment to all its participants, the Organising Team has planned to continue with its School Outreach Programme (SOP). The initiative aims to train students from various institutes for MUN conferences. The Programme envisions introducing MUNs to students and institutes across India, assisting them in making their conference experience one of understanding and learning. Apart from other exciting UN committees DUMUN 2015 will also be providing students to represent themselves instead of countries and deliberate upon issues pertinent to India through its Citizens’ Dialogue. The conference thus certainly promises to provide a unique opportunity to all eager participants to step out and learn about our world beyond classrooms.


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