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Delhi University is raising its bar to the Impossible.

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Written by DU Khabar

Delhi University is one of the best universities in India for interdisciplinary courses and aspirants come from all over the country to explore the opportunities provided here. However, DU is making it next to impossible for students to head towards a better future. On one hand, there are higher cut-offs every year making it difficult for even the good students to get what they deserve, and on the other hand, the final year students, who now have to take their next step in the harsh world are not even able to pass in their final examinations.

Over 200 final year DU Students across Delhi University have failed in Sociology semester exams.

Apart from that there are very few people who have passed in English honours in Shivaji College (only three out of 60) that too with a few marks above the passing marks. International Trade is another such subject in which a lot of final year students have failed this year.

A similar trend is seen in other courses as well. 102 out of 120 Political Science Honors students have failed in Laxmibai College. Students are not able to accept these results as, majority of them felt that their paper went good enough and they could not have failed.

This has caused an uprising among the final year du students and they have been protesting outside the office of Dean of Student’s Welfare since Monday. With the officials not speaking much apart from giving the excuse of looking into this matter, they have asked students to apply for re-evaluation. However, this is not going to help majority of the people.

Students on the other hand are unable to understand how they could fail in one subject when in the rest of the subjects they have passed with distinction. This would simply imply that these students were hardworking and have the knowledge required to get their degrees, how could they fail in one subject alone. This is going to affect their degrees hap hazardously and may as well affect their future prospects if some action is not taken in priority.

This has not only happened in final year. The students of the Second year also felt that the marking has been extremely strict in subjects like Economics, Sociology and other subjects. An Economics honours students from the 2nd Year said that they had a very easy Macroeconomics papers and all the students in her class were satisfied with it, however the result declaration was disappointing as very few people got above average marks. Most of the students have got marks much less than they were expecting.

A similar trend was seen in the year 2013 when a large number of final year students failed in Sociology and History.


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