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Interesting Fun With Festivals Under The Facade

Written by Namgyal Angmo

The month of spring with its vigor and freshness after the cold, foggy days showers a new energy in the preparation for the welcome of a prosperous season ahead. After the opening of wide gates of colleges of DU after winter hibernation, the departments are busy in preparing their colorful events giving wings to the innovative imaginations manifested in the form of names and norms. Students clinging their curious eyes to the notice boards heavily laden with posters in every possible space around the campus. The posters announcing the schedules of fests seem to be in a huge conflict over hegemony for  grasping attention according to the last dates and the eye-catching sketches to have maximum visitors. Girls finding a hard time to manage the schedule oscillating between class and the tempting fun outside, tend to rush from one corner to another to announce their presence in every nook and corner.

       Impossibly omitting the fests of other colleges, within the same circumference of college, one finds the vibrancy of fest of diverse departments. The food stalls with new names but nonetheless same food gives a chance to break away with the typical Rajma-rice of canteen. The foodaholics get an excuse to try on new menus every other day in the festive food appetite. A simple stroll around the campus can make you land in the different imaginary worlds set –up in a corner under the shades of the arch around.

  These days people stepping in Miranda seems to be in dilemma of intersection of various fests at the same locus at the same day. One can encounter Geography Department with their cartographic themes and events with new faces from rival colleges including geographer-looking guys around in a remote end of the college. They are having their fests in their own world very hideously as if they are drawing new territories of tomorrow.

   Physics department with their brains in and around the   student’s activity room prepared to screen a documentary on Stephen Hawking with the entrance walls itself displaying the confused graffiti of numerous brains. The huge notice board covered with complex theories and diagrams are surrounded with inquisitive minds with alert ears to receive a single sound wave of a distinguished guest bombarding with words unheard. The hair color and thickness of the spectacles bears the testimony of years of scribbled equations on papers and brains.

    On the contrary, the Political Science department on the opposite side with its majority of hosts and participants enthralled all the incoming eyes. The enthusiastic students announcing at the top of their voices about their girlish things for fund-raising gave a look  of a leader demanding votes. Their service and stocks varied from vintage hairstyling called ‘’Jane Austen hairstyle’’ to nail arts, applying mehendis to antique jewels, books etc. Just beside them, tiny, open air kitchen diffuses the aroma of various cuisines in the festive air. All these were tempting enough to make the students give a break to their books. There might be provision of free seminars tackling serious topics in one of an enclosed room for the studious ones.

     Fests can be categorized as a sort of escapist infotainment where Grad-grind products seeks an opportunity to let their creativity to flower   around. The brains tethered to books and lectures get to open the window of their minds. Therefore, it is one of the great ways to get the best out of our college days. I take here a modest proposal to announce the many, many upcoming fests ahead which demands one to gear up for the unseen, unheard challenges traversing in coming times to broaden the horizon of vision.



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