The Dark Mist

Written by Saloni Verma

The best thing and the worst thing about time is that it will eventually run out. No matter how much best or worst it is- slips away and we are left with nothing but traces of memory that lingers in our mind forever for us to cherish.

Growing up taught me many things about world, its ways, society, people, but most importantly it taught me about myself. Whenever nostalgia strikes me and I take a stroll down the memory lane, I realize that I have covered a long way ahead of what I used to be back then and what I am now, whether the distance travelled is mentally, emotionally, socially; whether it is about my mistakes or my improvements, I did get my fair share of run.

Age does not makes an individual mature mentally and emotionally, ‘experiences and their way of dealing with those experiences does’.

Whatever may be the case, I know for sure that regret eats our soul. Not being able to explore ourselves is sad but not doing anything about it even after exploring ourselves is tragic .While walking on the path of dreams, there are moments when we feel self doubt, when we think it won’t work out and that it will only disappoint us in the end. Only those people have become successful in seizing their moments that dared to take risk, did not give up, and showed courage even in the moments of anxiousness and despair.

So instead of fearing the blank space, listen to your inner voice and seize the moment and capture our dreams. These are the words that have always instilled motivation inside me but let us be realistic as reality is far grimmer than this. Conquering our fear of blank space is the most stubborn task we can ever experience. It is the dark mist that washes away all hope of light and surrounds us with pessimism. It is like a boomerang, the fear just keeps on coming back no matter how much we try to shoo it away. This fear is the main hurdle between us and our success and in order to succeed we need to control it or else we will end up dreamless. We need to instill in ourselves the bravery to take risk, to step out of our bubble and emerge as a star on the horizon. I will not say that it is impossible as people have done this. They become fearless in every aspect and that is why we still remember them, exemplify them, admire them and read their names in golden words.


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