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“Damdami Mai ki Jai ho!!!” – Hindu College

Written by Aman Jain

“Jai Damdami mata, maiya jai damdami mata.
Tumko din bhar dekhun-(2)
Raat ko so ni paata,
Maiya jai damdami mata.”

No, no I am not going to recite an aarti now like your mom made u do when u were small ,I am just trying to decipher how much crazy we Duites could be. For a DU student,14th February is not only awaited so that they can confess their love to their partners(only and only if Hindu Mahasabha and VHP people let them do it) but also for the Damdami Mai puja on the V-tree in Hindu College.

The story goes that if someone worships ‘Damdami Mai’(Goddess of Love) at the V-tree or Virgin tree in Hindu college on Valentine’s Day , then they are sure to get committed within next 6 months and lose their virginity in next 1 year. Every year an actress or some big female celebrity is adorned as the ‘Damdami Mai’ and her posters and photographs are hung from this Virgin tree which is the epicenter of all activities in Hindu College.

Virgin tree is decorated with balloons ,ribbons and water filled condoms. A proper puja is conducted by the hostellers of the college with Mr. Fresher being designated as the priest. He is given a proper dhoti to wear and then he conducts the puja and then recites the aarti I mentioned above. After the aarti, Prasad is distributed to all the visitors or the devotees of ‘Damdami Mai’ and then the water filled condoms are burst open .This “holy water’ is said to bring a lady into your life and if the Goddess is very happy, maybe even more!!

Although some student groups and faculty members criticize the event because of its sex symbolism and cheap photos of actresses and even the condoms, yet Hinduites are very proud of their tradition and their tree where hundreds of students flock every year to witness this memorable event. A huge crowd mostly of fucchas could be seen dancing to the beats of dhol and clicking selfies with ‘Damdami Mata’ .Actresses like Deepika Padukone, Sunny Leone and Sonakshi Sinha have graced the branches of this legendary tree in last few years(perhaps Hinduites should be wary of Deepika after the TOI incident :P).

The tradition, undoubtedly funny and ridiculous is just to add a memory in the college lives of all visitors and to make the day special for all the singles who are not lucky enough to be out on a date on Valentine’s Day. Let us all take this sportingly and I hope ‘Damdami Mai’ is favorable to all her devotees this time. So, Happy Valentine’s Day to all those lucky ones who have a valentine and for the singles, don’t be dis-heartened, ‘Damdami mai’ is waiting for you to shower her blessings..!!!


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