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D-Street: BULLZIRE 2015

Written by DU Khabar

On 30th and 31st January, all the enthusiastic stock market followers got to witness BULLZIRE’15, organized by D-Street, Shri Ram College of Commerce. If you are understand the market fluctuations and finance, then this event had 6 captivating events that would charge your neurons and make you keep coming back for more. Each of these events would test one aspect of your market knowledge with amazing cash prizes as an incentive.

Apart from their catchy names, they best described the idea behind competition. Peg the Price was the first event that took place in which the participants had to analyse the statements given to them and accordingly invest in different companies with the given amount of money. All this had to be done virtually. After selection of 20 teams in the prelims, the participants were given ample time to sign up for Mastermind.

Mastermind, as the name suggests, was about planning the budget for a fictiouscountry keeping in mind the various points given to you. Within 20 minutes you had to allocate a budget to different sectors of the economy out of 1,00,000 crores GTR (they went to the trouble of inventing a currency of their own). Now as we had to do the budget allocation in accordance with the budget quotient, political quotient as well as the social quotient. However the answers were to be objective, many teams felt that this kind of an event has too many subjective parameters and cannot be justified with just writing the numbers as there is no particular correct formula for the same. Each allocation should have been justified, and the teams had no idea about the judgment criteria. However, the later rounds were really enjoyed by the selected teams and gave a lot of credit to the organizers for the same.

Another really interesting event was the Stalk the Stock where the participants were bidding on a PSP Football game between Madrid and Barcelona! The event was as exciting as it sounds, moreover the enthusiasm had the upper hand on all the participants and the cut-throat competition with the teams screaming at top of their voices! This event lifted the energy of the entire fest. And though there were a few management issues with an event of such dynamics, the theme over-shadowed it and everyone had good fun!

Just like all other fests, Bullzire’15 also had its attractions; very unique at that! A free bull ride. It was the most crowded area in SRCC on both the days. People mocked each other and dared to try it out, and well who wouldn’t when it’s for FREE!

All in all, this fest was great. Despite of a few glitches here and there, it was a must attend fest. Hope to catch you next year!


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