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To reconsider results of animal experiments with both loratadine and cetirizine the active ingredient in zyrtec ; they, too, had shown increases in liver adenomas, abnormal growths that were then considered to be a larval form of malignant tumor.

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Zyrtec and Claritin are effective for about 24 hoursThey should only be taken once per dayThe body absorbs both antihistamines quicklybut Zyrtec seems to work faster for some people.

Frequency not reportedNervousnessimpaired concentrationconfusiondecreased libidoabnormal thinkinganxietydepersonalizationemotional labilityeuphoriaparoniriasleep disorder.

Frequency not reportedIncreased appetiteanorexiaincreased weightdehydrationdiabetes mellitusRef]

Frequency not reportedNervousnessimpaired concentrationconfusiondecreased libidoabnormal thinkinganxietydepersonalizationemotional labilityeuphoriaparoniriasleep disorder.

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