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Corridors of Vice- Day 2

Corridors of Vice
Written by Prerna Bhatia

The annual flagship event of Synergy, The Corporate Society of Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, The Corridors of Vice, is a corporate simulation where eight teams, with eight participants each, fight it out through the labyrinth of morality and sin.

The second day of the event started off with a session by Mr. Gaurav Singhal, who has represented many corporate houses like KPMG and E&Y as the International Tax Consultant and has also acted as Faculty Member with ICSI, ICAI and many other reputed organisations. He talked about the sin of greed in the corporate scenario citing various examples of companies overtaken by greed like Walmart, that bought all the American flags available just after the 9/11 incident because it anticipated a tremendous increase in its sales in the name of patriotism. In the Indian context, he talked about Monsanto which has taken over the Indian cotton seed market. An aspect which was emphasised on in the session was the difference between tax evasion and tax planning. The underlying question running through the session was that, when corporations were created with the aim to maximise profit, could they be accused of greed when they excel at what they are designed to do? This was an introduction to the next task to be faced by participants after the task of the previous day. The eight teams were divided into three groups– four teams representing the Corporates, two teams representing the Commissioners and the remaining two teams representing the Judges. The Corporates were given a problem statement for which they were required to present a written solution. The solution was presented to the Commissioners, after which an open hearing was held between the Corporates and the Commissioners, moderated by the Judges.

This was followed by a task based on the sin of lust. Moderated by Mr. Vishal, Marketing Head of Abraxus Nu and a Documentary Film Maker, the task consisted of three sub-tasks, two of which had to be performed by the team members secretively. The third sub-task had to be a video recording of a particular target team (initially assigned to every team) performing their secretive task, presented in a scandalous form.  This format turned out to be particularly interesting as the corporate atmosphere of the hall was replaced by a commotion as soon as the participants were given the cue to start. The task was enjoyed by the participants as they showed their skills in creating a scandal out of trivial tasks and situations.

The second day wrapped up with the participants being given tasks to be completed overnight as they gear up for the final day of the event.


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