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DU Khabar attempts to extract information from all possible sources to proffer wide range of activities and their related ‘Khabar’ to our loyal audience. As what it says, “A good newspaper, I suppose, is a nation talking to itself”, a very famous quote by Sir Arthur Miller that justifies the attempt of DU Khabar to create a large pool of prospective writers whose intent is to pen down their ideas but are in search of some renowned platform to provide them such opportunity.

If you have any thought (short story, poem, factual description, personal opinions) to be expressed, then you are just one click away to avail aforesaid opportunity. Just mail your article at  keeping following things into consideration!

In order to execute entire process in a very smooth manner, you’re required to submit following stuff-

Please send your write up on !

Rename your files as follows

  1. File Name: Article Heading
  2. Subject of Mail: Article Heading – Name of the writer

Contents of the Word File:

1) Article Heading along with category and sub category as per the website listing.

2) The article should be a minimum of 250 words

3) Author Bio (Your Short Description 4-5 Lines)

4) Your Name/Pseudonym and social media profile links for full credits to

(Only if you wish to get recognized on that level)

5) You are free to write anything and we will publish it uncensored.

6) Please make sure that whatever you submit to DUK should not have been published anywhere else. If it was published on your blog and you wish to get your write up its due recognition. Unpublish it on your blog and give a link to our website instead of the write up.

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