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Commix: Onus Annual Event By Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies

Onus Annual event by Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies
Written by DU Khabar

Onus SSCBS in its trailblazer event Commix brings three days of convention-defying activities, competitions and sessions that shall redefine the way people view fests. ONUS- the Social Change Lab, a Youth Alliance Initiative, aims at transforming universities into incubators of empathetic leaders who apply their Head+Heart+Hand to drive change and solve India’s myriad problems, shifting the focus away from the conventional Security+Status+Success.

Our trailblazer event Commix aims to bring the core idea of Onus to the fore, while at the same time celebrating the diversity in people and providing them a platform to come together and put their varied interests to good use.

For the artsy and creative, we have Expressions, where one can express themselves on the theme Defying Conventions using any art-form ranging from songs to poems to sketches.

For entrepreneurs, there is  Turn the Tables- A  B-Plan Competition  like never before that doesn’t just involve the thinking, but also the execution part. The competition is centres around the theme of “Collegepreneurship” and the team will win once they execute the idea of transforming an utilized college space.

On all three days there will be an eye pledging campaign on campus- Gift Your Vision powered by Centre for Sight.

The highlight of the event is Novus- The Trust Library. It’s the ultimate surprise for book lovers! It is a Social Experiment based on the principle- keep one take one! The Library shall be preceded by an enthralling story telling session with trust and novels as the theme by Ankit Kabir using the beautiful art-form of story telling- Dastangoi.

Then there is Swa-Manthan – A Powerful Session enabling people to dive deeper and unravel the mystery of self  and genuinely understand their own value system, to enable self-churning.

The entire fest revolves around challenging people’s perceptions; be it about creativity, entrepreneurship or trust by actively making them use not just their head but also making them realise the value of their heart and hand to accomplish their goals and in the process becoming leaders of change.



Swa Manthan


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