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COMFRESCO’14 Annual Commerce Festival Of Maitreyi College

Written by DU Khabar


Comfresco is touted to be the perfect concoction of exhilaration, exuberance and exaltation. The Commerce society of Maitreyi college gas channelized all their energies to make this gala an exemplary affair. Don your entrepreneurial caps as this event is set to test your wits and grits. When playing on an uneven ground, the only way to rise above is by being crooked. So, future capitalists if being cooked is what it takes for you to waltz confidently to classic glory, then so be it. 
To check your events: log on to the website or contact us on facebook.Win Prizes worth Rs. 4 lakhs ! 

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Akanksha Singh: +917838670597
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