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Gargi College

Gargi College is a college for women, affiliated to University of Delhi. It was established in the year 1967 and offers education in Arts and Humanities, Commerce, Science and Education.

Gargi believes in its mission statement that every student who passes through the portals of the college emerges as a wholly developed individual symbolizing the spirit of enterprise and inquiry that characterizes Gargi.

Gargi College, one of the two colleges in Delhi to have been awarded the prestigious College with a Potential for Excellence grant, by the University Grants Commission in the year 2004-2005, was chosen because of its holistic approach towards teaching and its excellent track record in academic and other aspects of college functioning. Nine departments namely Botany, Chemistry, Commerce, Elementary Education, Microbiology, Physics, Psychology, Zoology and the Women’s Development Centre are currently engaged in innovation and experimentation in the undergraduate programme, using modern methods of learning and evaluation. This award is in recognition of the endeavour of the college to engage in advanced research and socially purposeful projects over and above the regular college events.

Following are the necessary details about Gargi college


Gargi College offers an interesting assortment of courses, both undergraduate and post-graduate, which cut across diverse fields of study. These include Botany, Political Science, Commerce, Economics, Elementary Education, Psychology, English, Hindi, Microbiology, etc. Of these, the most well-known are the science courses, although Psychology, English and Commerce are also quite popular.


 The College has over 180 members of the faculty and most of them hold doctorate degree. Some are engaged in major research programmes funded by UGC and DST. Faculty members are guiding M.Sc. and Ph.D. students and we have research collaboration both of national and international level. Not only faculty but our students are also publishing research papers.

College Facilities

Gargi College is divided into three main blocks: the commerce block, the science block and the arts block. Further, it is equipped with a canteen, laboratories, an expanded computer lab, a fully computerized library as well as smaller libraries for the Psychology and English departments. It has a newly built and spacious Auditorium, playgrounds, medical room, etc.

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