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Choose Your Future!

Written by Apoorva Rajhans

Confused, eh? Cannot decide which way you want to go?
For career oriented Indians its really important to safeguard their future and sometimes even at the stake of their interests. Where a thousands of people are going to taste skies of their careers, thousands are going to lose their hopes. Everyone has wished for something in their lives but the way they are going to get it can be very unexpected.
Being hardworking can never be sufficient for being successful. Smartwork combined with intellect and presentation is required. ‘The slow and steady’ no more wins the race. And just because you could not succeed this time, it does not mean you are going to fail again. Try and try and try but do not be foolish to try the same way again and again. Change your ways, change your style.
One should opt for a field that interests her or him and not just the one which has got better prospects. Gone are the days when being a doctor or an engineer was the only option. A number of new courses and fields are emerging and one should never hesitate opting for your choice, however odd it is.
Most of us just don’t dare enough to create our ways and so our talent fades. We need to remind ourselves that God has made us different from others and should not we try to be like anyone else. Just because your elder siblings could score a 90+and you couldn’t, you do not need to doubt your capabilities. Our education system is simple enough and marks will always remain to be a quantitative analysis. At the same time it is also true that the human brain can never be measured in numbers.
There are numerou leading businessmen who are college drop-outs. Sir Albert Einstein had never been to school but the theory of relativity that he gave, still remains to be one of the deadliest area of science. Such examples show that formal education is not the only way to success. If you are passionate about dreams, bagging numbers is not important.
Its your life and you have the whole right to live it the way you want to. Live for your dreams, use your wit and follow your passion. Robin Sharma has said it best, ” Be the architect of your future”. All of us have talent and are intelligent enough, be courageous and lead the world.
Take risks and perform experiments to fulfil your dreams. Never dread of your future, construct it and mould it to your favourite design. Life is all yours if you are wise enough to be young!


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Apoorva Rajhans

Studying hons, at shaheed bhagat singh college, I am a simple person but with wide futuristic views... I firmly believe that the youth is powerful enough to drive the change. However serious enough I may sound like, I am a fun loving person too and love to hangout with my friends and to explore the world and its people...

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