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From carefree “holi hai” to “oh no I just need decent holi pictures!”

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Written by Shivangi & Tanya
The dynamics of holi have changed over the past few years. When I look back, I vividly remember the time when we used to play holi just out of sheer pleasure and enjoyment. There was a sense of celebration in those days- a celebration of just losing oneself in the wide spectrum of colours. But now when I turn back to the present scenario, the carefree element is missing from the picture. Recently, I witnessed this in my college itself. Rather than playing holi with the sole intention of playing, the girls just put small amount of colours on their body (face, to be precise the cheeks) and gave their pretty poses and dazzling smiles for their new Whatsapp/facebook profile pictures.
Well, isn’t it the case everywhere? Holi is no more a mad carefree festival. It has become more of a sophisticated photo session where girls all dolled up in their finest clothes, smear some “gulaal” (the beauty conscious ones will specially bring organic “gulaal” for the occasion) on the strategic locations of their faces and will give some elegant poses for the poor camera, duck faces one of their preference for the same! Many of you might find this article a little obnoxious or negative and would be fuming in front of the screen but I am pretty sure that somewhere you would be able to relate with all this selfie madness.
I ask you, do not you guys feel tired with all this madness for just few pictures? Pictures are supposed to capture one’s moment of happiness. But what if you are not even getting any and this is just because you are too busy planning for the life on the virtual platform that you are forgetting about the life which exist in the real world. When we look back at our pictures, we do not just merely look at them. We look at the memories attached with those pictures. The memories contain our emotions that are beyond the power of words and which can be just felt. But how can you feel something when you have not even experienced it?
Having said that I truly believe that fun does not hold any definition. Some people might find fun in getting all smeared in colours and completely drenched in water. Others might just play with “gulaal” and enjoy the delicious traditional delicacies of the festival. Everyone has their own interpretation of the word “celebration”.
But what I witnessed in my college was a complete wrong interpretation of the festivity of the festival of colours. No matter what girls, always, manage to find a way to show the world that I can escape dirty-ness and look sophisticated on holi as well! It has been almost a year in Delhi University’s girl’s college and I have realized that girls in general believe in maintaining themselves more than enjoying. These were my first holi experiences in college and believe me I could not stop looking at girls, not out admiration but out of shock. I observed the activities and that is when it dawned upon me that it is all about epic selfies. Biggest mystery remained how on this earth nothing happened to their clothes and hair all good? I just wanted go up to them and shout “No! holi is not celebrated this way. You need to go retard, full retard!”. I saw the photos on facebook, on holi completely drenched in colors and looking almost like a porter of Hell Gate, sitting right in front of my computer not knowing whether to laugh or admire. I have one message though, girls you do not have to look runaway models every single time. For once, lose yourself in the moment rather than petty concepts like selfies. Go out and have fun, for once stop thinking about decorating your social networking profile with happening pictures. Instead decorate your real life with the happening experiences.
People might interpret my thought with that of disgust but this article is all about how I, who does not even know how to even dress up properly, perceive things. This article is not even a result of melancholy out bursting from inadequacy. This is the reason why sometimes I am dilemma struck whether or not to become like them. Well, anyways it’s not easy to carry yourself with such grace and poise all day long unless you are a Delhi university girl.


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