Be a Campus Reporter

This is an exquisite feature of this web site. Any professor, staff or student who has journalistic flair or wants to showcase or hone his/her writing and photography skills can opt to become campus reporter in his/her respective college.

Photo Stories

For those who can say more with pictures than words. DuKhababar has always focused more on the depth of the photos and the stories they tell than the portfolio of the photographer or his/her Photoshop abilities. Whether you are an amateur or a person with a Facebook page in your name, we look for sharp images, a captivating style of storytelling and in-depth lens on pertinent topics and issues concerning your college.

Campus Buzz

Campus Reporting: Nobody understands better than us how life on campus is far more interesting than sitting in a cubicle and staring at an excel sheet. You’d be our eyes and ears on what is happening at every nook and corner, at festivals and report on the voices and opinions of your student faculty on issues plaguing college.

What do you get out of this?

Apart from your views and stories being read by a few thousand visitors every month:

1. A mature audience of journalist, entrepreneurs, media houses and experts n various fields to read your campus reporting and debate with you, not withstanding how cluttered or empty your CV may be.

2. As a writer, if you’ve written consistently for us or your article has been the most read, you get the chance to be featured in DUKhabar as our designated ‘Campus Reporter’, your profile and story featured, media access to high profile and exclusive events, attend our workshops or get heavy discounts on any events or offers that we have a sponsored partnership with.


3. Over a period of active engagement with us and exceptional work on the publication, you could work you way up to become our Campus Editor for your college – managing campus reporters, running editorial series and sections, maintaining a direct link with the administrative faculty to ensure a strong branding for DUKhabar and a substantive coverage of local campaigns, events and festivals.

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