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Written by Siwangi Ronjan

Recently I have developed an interest in reading non fictional books whenever I get free time. I came across various books and authors but the one that captivated me were the works of Paulo Coelho. Paulo Coelho, as we all know is a world renowned author who is generally recognized for his masterpiece ‘The Alchemist’. The book was marked as one of the bestsellers of all time according to The New York Times.

     Seeing my interest in literature, my good neighbor suggested me its name and so I got to turn its extraordinary pages. I personally found the book rejuvenating as it allowed me to develop an insight. It made me come face to face with the world I never knew existed. The story speaks about an ambitious boy who follows the path paved by his heart and goes in search of his dream in order to fulfill it. During the journey he encounters many incidences , meets many people who are also like him ;who too are looking for something but don’t exactly know what , where or the purpose. The story takes a most splendid turn when the boy meets alchemist, who makes him realize his destiny and the importance of hearing the voice of one’s heart. One of my most cherished line of this book is when the alchemist tells the boy “When you speak the truth, seldom are you believed.”

   Another book that comes under my must read list was suggested by my father, ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.’ This book enfolds within itself a great meaning and entwines a great work and an awesome theme line. Reading this book will get your mind going through the other dimension which is still due to be explored by our soul.

   The common thing or the punch line may I say ; that I found out among these great works was following your heart ,realizing your destiny and the most important thing, gathering the courage to stand up to your dreams to fulfill it . This very line as mentioned above is the main spark that keeps me alive, if I say so myself. What is a man without dreams? Nothing but a mere stack of bones and flesh that breathes ,walks and then one day gets tired and stops the action and movement.

   If you ask me I would say dreaming is as important as breathing because dreamers are the only person who never rest , dreamers don’t sleep , we are dynamic and free as the wind , we are the masters of our universe .We are infinite .


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