A Bliss Called Solitude

a bliss called solitude DUKHABAR
Written by Dhanishtha Anand

Everybody here is in a race, a constant race. Often, even the destination is ambiguous, but we move, just to accompany our clones. To top it all, the nettling world has its way of building up the pressure. This world is a labyrinth, the harder we try to release ourselves, the more we get caught. It will coax you by the reward it offers.

“The more you slog the better you become”, they say, true, but what if it’s at the expense of your mental piece. To achieve dexterity in what you do, you need to be peaceful, maintain a placid mindset. Everybody has the power to rule the roost; all we need is to be equally calm when ball isn’t in our court.

How often do we get time to spend with ourselves, in solitude, away from the bustle,to introspect,to dive within the depth of your mind and reflect? Admits the entire crowd, we have lost our identity, the ability to stand out, not merely in terms of success, but, originality, perception and attitudes. Introspecting is akin to having a remote control of your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and feelings an dusing these as a tool to empower yourself.

You do not need a “to do” list at the beginning of the day but an achievement list at the end. Writing down what you accomplished and what brought smile to your face, can change the way you lead your life, moreover, add meaning to it. It can help you reach the zenith of bliss and success.

Remember, you are your “best” company. Stay positive andmotivated 🙂



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