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BEL Conference NSIT

The much awaited BEL Conference, an annual conference of NSIT witnessed some of the most eminent personalities such as:

  • Rahul Ram (Indian Ocean Bass Guitarist)
  • Jatin Das (painter and sculptor)
  • Rama Shankar (Kuchipudi and Kathakali Dancer)
  • Abhishek Singh (IAS Officer),
  • Shailendra Singh (Entrepreneur)
  • Anurag Maloo (member of International Antartica Expedition)
  • Dr. Arvind Kumar and Akshay Saxena (Avanti fellows)
  • Yaseen Anwar and Aseem Abbasi (Poets)

 The opening speaker talked about the lesser known genre of protest songs. He categorically explained about the paradigm shift of the focus of songs from worldwide issues to songs on local issues. He mentioned that while making protest music or any other music of that kind, ‘the end result is never kept in mind’. He mentioned the negligence of north eastern states in general by quoting his friend that ‘if Qutub Minar comes to Imphal, then people might come to Imphal and see it’s condition.’

 The second speaker, Mr Jatin Das is a painter and sculptor, who has been painting for over 50 years and held 68 one man exhibitions in India and abroad. He focused on holistic living and urged the impressionable youth to question each and everything around them. According to him, education in India is not open-ended and it’s only hope lies at home & primary schools to change this world. The college was extremely thankful to him because even after being ill, he made it to the event.

 Another talk was held by Mrs Ramaa Shankar, a renowned Bharatnatyam & Kuchipudi performer. She is a recipient of National Culture Talent Scholarship by Department of Culture and has given many solo recitals in India and overseas. She gave a wonderful dance performance displaying the ‘9 major emotions’ and ‘8 moods of heroine’. She stressed upon how the new generation can take this art forward and use of classical dance forms to represent the present day problems.

 The audience was inspired by the success story of Faisal Latif who took the listeners through his journey of Himsagar solo cycling competition. He completed his expedition in just 37 days from Kashmir to kanyakumari. Traveling 100 kms every day, Mr. latif recalled his travails and how he often felt bad traveling alone. His closing remark, dream big, play hard and stay strong was rewarded with deafening applause by one and all.

 The wonders of the medical world were revealed by Mr Arvind Kumar who seemed to be a bit apprehensive while delivering his speech to the audience that possessed absolutely no medical background. Director at the institute of robotic surgery, in Ganga Ram hospital, Mr. Kumar briefed the audience with the first revolution in surgery anesthesia.  Thereafter, very smoothly he took us to an altogether different track. He moved to laparoscopic surgery revealing its merits and demerits layer by layer, peel by peel. His new idea of surgical robotics was quite inspirational and gave the audience food for thought.

 Abhishek Singh, an IAS officer from the batch of 1995 is an IIT KANPUR graduate and he stressed on the issues of e-governance. He gave solutions on how various issues like public grievances; corruption etc can be tackled through E-governance

 Mr Shailendra Singh inspired the audience of his journey from a graduate to being a successful entrepreneur. He graduated from IITB in 2009 and then started on his journey of becoming an entrepreneur. He is the founder & MD of Indiehaat, a B2B design market place that connects international stores and merchandisers to handsome goods by Indian artisans. He warned today’s youth and tomorrow’s policy makers with the stigma of failure. He concluded his inspirational speech by saying success matters and failure is inconsequential.

 Anurag Maloo, an engineer by education and teacher by education talked about how volunteering can be useful to us. He was a part of IAE (International Antarctica Expedition) and worked as fellow with Teach for India.

 Abhishek Saxena, the president and founder of Avanti fellows was there to talk about his Nonprofit Organisation.  The organisation provides low income high-class students a world class science and maths situation. He said that their greatest contribution towards children’s success was they didn’t do any harm in the classroom.

 The session was concluded by the most sought after poets- Yaseen Anwar and Aseem ambasi the lyricist of Mera Mann and emptiness. All and all the event was a huge success.


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