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Being in Love

being in love chehak ahuja
Written by Chehak Ahuja

I guess we’ve all been in love at some point of our lives. It has felt different to different people. For me it has always been there. I’v been lucky enough to always feel that fresh wave of air serenading and all my spirits heightened. It has appeared quite a number of times but never lasted. There’s this something about true love that is written and talked about but is difficult to fathom the very essence of its existence. No fixed numerology or ideas can ever define the course of this emotional beauty which pretty much encloses despair equally.

The fairy tale saga talks all about the deliverables of a perfect romance. Love as it is or as it unfolds with spreading the nuances of joy and happiness into a person’s life. And only one word could be used to describe it-beautiful. Maybe sometimes two even, the other one being-perfect.

Two people who are supposedly made for each other fall in love and survive. I remember standing once under an articulately decorated arch of green leaves and white flowers with moonlight spread around the garden, my hand held by my –lover and his palms just touching mine, reciting our love for each other. The very dramatic setting of our meeting made me believe that this was –perfect. But it ended. And the moment disappeared. Just love remained.

I feel it all the time. Hoping that some day it might want to linger for long.

And then there’s something more to it even. As told earlier for me love has been an everlasting thought or feeling at the back of my head. With multiple people. Even two guys at the same time which although puts me in a kind of ‘slutty’ demeanor but love is with all its vibrant colors –red for one, violet for other and probably green for one’s own self. It is just that its always in abundance the more you share the wider your smile gets!

But what is the best kind of love? Something I am experiencing at the moment with a very special person. It involves no demands, no fancy dates at scenic spots and no vows. It is just enough and real in its very sense of courtship based on friendship. An all –all I care about is you, your smile, the sound of your voice and the pleasure of being a part of your life. Of knowing that there’s one person with whom I could spend my entire life with even though that special one is incapable of loving you.

Although I might be at the receiving end of this emotion now but the experience of standing at the opposite pedestal was even more exhilarating.

It is said that ‘love never dies’ and therefore keep experimenting with its loveliness.


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