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How Not To Become an Old Grumpy

How to not grow grumpy Delhi University
Written by Jahanvi S

Are you gonna join those old Grumpys on the fence, waving your wooden stick in the air? Better pull up while there is still time!

Almost every single home consists of old people as we know. We often come across some old people who are Grumpy. The premise-men are Grumpy describes this statement well. The older they get, the crabbier they become. Before you deny my statement, pause; think of how many men above 60 you know who are calm and are at peace with themselves? Sorry, that should have been-at peace with the world around? For the only way to be at peace with yourself, according to me is not to be irritated with the rest of the world.
Researchers have given this irritability two names-IMS(Irritable male syndrome) and PMS(Pre-menstrual syndrome).  So now, the question is – why do most men become bristling hedgehogs, impossible to handle, as they grow older? There are many reasons behind men getting more Grumpy. Firstly, their sense of identity and physical prowess get hit hard on the onset of retirement. Secondly, with fading physical abilities, they are unable to pull the rope of strength in any kind of work. With fading physical abilities and declining health, they rant like hell against the general order of the world, against youth, overdependence on technology, lack of culture and ideology etc to express their frustration.
Women get cantankerous too. North Carolina Researchers showed that women get sulky in the mornings if they do not get enough sleep in the night. But they are able to control their sulkiness by expressing their feelings with relatives, friends or colleagues. While men do not share their feelings with others so they get more Grumpy and irritable.
A recent survey of more than 340,000 people published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showed that people who did their planning for post retirement years are generally happier in their 60s and beyond than in their younger years but some older people – the ones who get grumpy and bitter—may never be able to accept that they’re not going to reach the pinnacle of their career or that their looks have faded or their children have grown and left home. But, for those who can let go of these attachments and get in contact with their “core selves,” they may find a happiness they’ve never known.
The situation becomes worse when your loved ones start to understand your grumpiness and start adjusting to it. A man’s irritable mood and anti-social stance almost becomes a new tool for him. The more irascible he is, the more likely people are to run, do their bidding and leave him alone (they will not stand with you for a minute and everyone thinks you are a hokum).
The only way to avoid becoming Grumpy is to understand the reasons behind IMS and PMS and start preparing for post-retirement years while there’s still time. Keeping yourself engaged with interests i.e. Movies, music, reading, dance, travelling, gyming, charitable works etc, going for hikes with your friends and family and understanding your fading physical abilities will help you to be prepared for the change. Staying socially active and maintaining interpersonal relationships can help you stay physically and emotionally healthy—and happy too.
I cannot resist the ending with WB Yeats’ lines – “An aged man is but a paltry thing,
a tattered coat upon a stick,
unless soul clap his hands and sing,
and louder sing for every tatter in its mortal dress”


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