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Balancing the Bucks!

Balancing the Bucks
Written by Nidhi Saxena

So it’s been quite a time since I, an out-and-out outstationer, ACTUALLY started learning practical life lessons in this outlandish Delhi. Well honestly, this place doesn’t seem anymore unfamiliar to me. Although I haven’t roamed around all its length and breadth, in a way of saying, I’m settled now. And yeah, when I talk about settling, the very first thing that comes to my mind is money. No denying, money is like sixth sense—you can’t make use of the other five without it. But handling it well is a tricky business.

Of course, my dad is always there to fulfill all my financial needs but the trouble is that now I have to see myself how to spend, when to spend and what to spend for. And honestly, this is the hardest part of living on one’s own. Agree?

Firstly, you never know about the unforeseen money-needs that might pop up when you’ve spent most of your bucks already. Then if you are a newbie at this thing, you might end up being a broke. And finally, there’s peer pressure… to hang out at new places and spend extravagantly for good food and recreation. All these happened to me with more or less intensity and I’m dead sure that if you’re an outstationer too, you’d relate to that. Well, the end of my first two months in Delhi were terrible as I almost went broke and had to hear trifle scolding from my parents. The next two months made me hold back my hand to buy some important things in order to manage my finances and avoid any drama. But the present times are witnessing my somehow balanced budget and a satisfaction deep down my heart. So I just wanted to share my strategy to stay on track with money…

I’m an extreme bibliophile and this is why I turned towards the college library instead of buying brand new books. If one is not very raring of books, still becoming the best patron of library is worthy to save a big deal of bucks. If in case, it’s very necessary to buy any particular book go for second hand purchase. The prices are then, literally down to earth.

Then, a very common thing we youngsters do to avoid the broke-scene is borrowing money. My opinion is, never ever borrow money. This won’t help you; rather put you in further more stark trouble. And also don’t we very willing to lend money to any friend who walks by and asks for, just do it in case they are require it for something urgent or serious.

As I did, you may also try to check your expenses on the stuffs you don’t really need. Always think twice before buying anything.  You could also maintain a journal to record all your expenditure. As it happens, I was an impulsive shopper, but since I started doing this journal-thing, I could reflect on my extravagance and tried to conquer this habit.

Along with all this, I also inculcated a habit to walk as much as I could, to as many places I could. This helps a lot to keep the body healthy and cuts the extra expenses of conveyance.

And all this made me to recover my lost equilibrium and balance with the bucks!

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