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On Attaining teenage

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Written by Tanya Malhotra

Teenage is the most crucial, yet the most memorable, and wonderful period of one’s life.  We change mentally, physically, and socially. Once we cross this threshold, our whole attitude towards life undergoes a massive change. This tenure turns out to be the most beautiful on one side yet the most difficult one on the other side. I earlier specified that loads and loads of changes takes place either physically, psychologically or emotionally. It is only at this age that we start getting familiar with the word “ego”. Actually at this age the word starts coming into existence .I really don’t know how many of you would want to associate your teenage experience with the term. But I am definitely sure that the “existence of ego” in your lives might have been there though the “degree of presence of ego “might have been different in every individual. Now comes the “Peer Pressure” the feeling of achievement and the sense of competition starts developing. The involvement of parents in our lives in our decisions is perceived as “interference” though earlier it was referred to as “care”. The true meaning of the word “involvement” and its sense totally changes in this stage of our life. We prefer more being with our friends yet the attachment for parents remains the same but friends and social circle becomes our major priority. Sometimes arguments are likely to occur and the reason is generally considered the “age or communication gap”. We are somewhat different with family and completely different with friends and peers. We unknowingly start playing a dual-role. Our attitude and behavior changes, and we feel irritated and stressed .This communication gap is the major reason why today teenagers are more prone to drug addictions and alcohol, among other vises.  In such scenarios, the role of social networking sites -face book etc & various chat rooms can’t be overlooked. Somewhere they are connecting us socially. With our friends helping us to know the outer world but on the other hand the virtual world is overshadowing our realistic world. We can also make friends with our parents since   they can help us the best with any problem or overcoming any difficulty or obstacle either mentally or emotionally..we should communicate with them in order to get the best possible solution for all our worries  &  this would also serve as the best means to strengthen our bonds with them . Our true companions and parents are our actual guru , teacher, mentor and guide .


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