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Arvind Kejrival : A Complete Enigma

Arvind-Kejriwal Chief Minister delhi DU khabar
Written by Moksh Garg

Arvind Kejriwal, right from the time he commenced as new Chief minister of the capital has manifested lots of variations in his attitude in dealing public issues leaving Delhi janta completely flummoxed to ponder “Who is the real Kejriwal?”

 The changing stands and contradictory statements are enough to make people speculate that whatever  he is doing is for public welfare or need is to fulfill long term objectives , as cited by opposition.

Everyone remembers the time when he laid emphasis and enshrined constitutional values that later compelled him to describe himself as an anarchist.

There are many instances where Kejriwal posed himself as a curator of Indian democracy by fulfilling his major two promises of providing cheap electricity and water supply intuitively by merging notion of sustainable development along with it. Moreover, proposals of carrying out audit of electricity firms by CAG,promoting generic drugs, permitting more autorickshaws to ease transport system , reducing VAT and setting up of night shelters for homeless people of Delhi to combat crisp winters were some of his other initiatives.

Most importantly, he issued a help-line number to teach Delhiites how to conduct sting-operations on corrupted officials as a strongest measure to eradicate corruption, the main agenda of Aam Aadmi Party.

With rising popularity in political arena allured almost one crore people to turn-up for Aam Aadmi Party membership which initially was tagged as insurmountable.

On the contrary, one can’t deny this fact that he himself was unable to put his words into actions of ransacking ministers facing serious allegations when it came over his own Law minister Mr Somnath Bharti.The internal complexities of party , particularly related to Mr V.K. Binny caught everyone’s atttention.He accused social media for sensationalizing matters of no such importance and arousing public against Aam Aadmi Party.He went on Dharna at Rail Bhawan that caused inconvenience to “Aam Aadmi” only that he tends to support.

But for no doubt, this person with muffler around his neck and Gandhian topi over his head has unveiled different shades of his personality in this short duration of just one month that qualifies him as a complete enigma.


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Moksh Garg

Moksh Garg is doing B.M.S from S.S.C.B.S with egalitarian perspective who loves to do things in a proper sequential manner. He is true Clinomaniac who's laziness is eight which becomes infinity as he lays down.One can easily find him roaming in college premises otherwise munching in the college canteen.

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