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Article 377-Laws Can’t Change Nature

Section-377-of-IPC Du khabar
Written by Shivangi Dwivedi

A utopian world might not exist but there at least should be a world that allows us to be who we are. Not one that forces us to turn a blind eye to being ourselves just because it is unacceptable in society and the law forbids it. Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code is the hot topic of India’s youth nowadays and everyone has contrasting views about it.

This is a law passed by the British when they came following Julius Caesar’s motto of “veni, vidi, vici” and so they did. They came, they saw and they conquered. Apart from that, they left us laws that live on till now and today one of those laws is being questioned. The need of the hour is to move out of the comfort of the present to make way for the future. This law was however, passed in the past and maybe a little change is in order but this law criminalises sexual activities that are “against the order of nature”, these mainly include sexual activities between lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender.

What makes me scratch my head is that how can something be against the order of nature when nature itself is constantly changing and evolving. Nature is subjective, it depends on our perception of it. Nature is an entity that cannot come under the jurisdiction of any law or government. The only thing against the order of nature is when one is not true to who they are and are against their own nature.  Why are children born with deformities and premature babies not declared as criminals since even they are born “against the order of nature”? Because they are human and it’s not their fault that they are born as they are. While we’re playing the blame game and come to think of it, it’s nobody’s fault. To be honest there is no fault. It’s the same with the LGBT community.

We have been living in the shadows of these laws for too long; it’s time for a change now. This is the advent of a new era in unison with a new generation that comes laden with ideas that might not be easily acceptable in society. Where on one hand the United Kingdom is planning to decriminalise such sexual activities and the United States already has many states which have even legalised marriage of the same sex and here in India, we seem to be moving backwards.

There is an age old lore that says ‘change is the only constant’. We should pay heed to what our forefathers have said. It’s time for the dawn of a new epoch, which lights the way for generations to come. Everyone who occupies a place on this earth should be given the right to be themselves, to love, to live and to be free. Let this change be the start of a number of changes that leads to the invigoration of our country. Let’s join forces to help our fellow Indians to be able to live as they want to and to make way for a society that can live without the fear of being put in shackles because they tried to live their life according to their own wishes.

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