Are You Really Being Who You Are?

Written by DU Khabar

What are you more concerned about? How others think of you or how you think about yourself?

We often end up pleasing others.

The way we dress up, isn’t that according to where we are going? The way we speak and behave; isn’t that also influenced by so many external factors?

I just saw a girl today, whose leggings were scratched and she was wearing a skirt over it but that little part of the skin was visible. There can be so many possibilities. But what if she wore it being all sane of its torn condition and she doesn’t care about others’ thinking. Like I went to office today in lose pants and a not so proper sweat shirt.

What are we made up of? I guess it’s more of the society and really less of us.

I remember once I was eager to do street plays, and when I told my mother about it she had that disturbing expression which was showing very clearly that she didn’t like it. Then, I asked her the reason, she said,”like on the road, in front of everybody?”. With her this sentence, I stopped her because I knew what she meant, she was thinking about what society would think of me. Well! I then tried explaining her about the fire that is ignited in people’s hearts when they watch street plays; I explained her about the urgent need of changing the mindsets of people. What about the social evils like Rape, child abuse, the wrong intentions, the killers, the inhumanity, who is taking care of all this? Is this the only responsibility of the Government? Is this much enough?


This is your country, your people, your species; they are also humans- the victims.

Can we just stop thinking about the society? Can we just stop assuming what would others think about us if we take a step against so and so practice? Can we stop being allies of some, who are just pleasing us in their false pretentions? Can we be ‘we’ and not ‘them’?

Can we?




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