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Arbitrage 2016 – Ramjas College

Ramjas College
Written by DU Khabar

We are brimming with unbound enthusiasm to have your presence at our annual fest, Arbitrage 2016 to be held from 29th Feb’16 to 2nd Mar’16. Put on your thinking caps, catch hold of your whole bag of tricks and hacks and brace yourselves for a clash to become titan of the titans. Enter this incredible unison of what sums up a perfect commerce criminal to hedge risks and manage the mean market at a knocked down price.  A three day buzz of unlimited fun and gala time while you flaunt your biz acumen. 

We’ve told you the ‘what’, now we’ll tell you the ‘why’. 

Bigger and Better, Tougher and Trickier.

Double the fun and the stakes,

Do you have what it takes ?

To be the Titan the world shall praise!

Ramjas College is 99,

so let’s celebrate it in style.

Witness history, 

as we gear up with exciting events and mysteries.

29th FEBRUARY is the date,

the opening battle that will eliminate your wait.

Cometh the 1st MARCH,

Ramjas is going to turn to Dalal Street alas!

Switch to the 2nd MARCH,

we’re gonna Start Up with events that shall forever leave a mark.


Register at:????????????????


So this fest season, come and unearth your

Managerial skills at “PRODIGY: -The Best Manager.” 

 An event that tests your mettle in every craft and skill and even the crafty skills that make a manager a manager. Competitors shall face grueling sessions to overcome challenges from every aspect of management – from finance to marketing, strategy to operations, systems to HR.


Financial literacy at “BEING BANKER.”

Bring out the Banker in you as we render you with the opportunities, the market and just enough cash to survive, all while you make decesions which could shoot you to the zenith or crash you down at nadir.


Awareness and quick wits at “BATTLE OF BRAINS.”

Brave the volley of varying questions thrown at you from our mean quizmaster on the money minting sector. The business quiz tests the awareness and the quick wits of the participants from some of the best colleges in the country.


Propensity to manage an economic crisis at ” Man?? me Man??”

Real life simulation to handle corporate crisis n make money within the same room is what we believe a true winner has to be. Centered around the same theme is this event.


Mental fitness and physical powness at ” CORPORATE ROADIES”

A strategic blend of the grueling corporate world and the rugged Roadies. Sky is the limit to let the money bug inside you crounch on this profound reality setup. 


Decision making calibre at “GREY MATTER”

You think you’ve got the decision making forte to ace the perilous corporate environment? Then you’ve landed at precisely, the right platform to refine your decisiveness.


Masquerade, THE CON IS ON!

Do you think you can bluff?

Do you have what it takes to manipulate the people around you?

Come and unmask the con in you.

Business Tambola


DU Cricket League


IPL Bidding


And ability to ace the battle of only and only the very best at “CLASH OF TITANS.”

This is the flagship and exclusive event of Arbitrage. Here all the winners from the other events compete against each other across grueling yet entertaining rounds that test different attributes of the teams. This event is the highlight of Arbitrage and enjoys the greatest attention.

Our expanse of Commerce field is parched,

Come with your prowess to make it large!

For further updates, stay tuned to the Facebook page of the The Commerce Societ, Ramjas College.



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