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Antardhvani Cultural Festival

Written by Shivangi Dwivedi

ANTARDHVANI is the annual cultural festival of University of Delhi. This festival started in 2011 and has since gained a reputation for being a platform to showcase the Universities cultural, athletic and academic talents. Last year, around 1,50,000 people attended this event. The event will take place in all its pomp and glory at the sports complex of the University of Delhi in North Campus.

Owing to the fact that our university is home to people from around the globe there will be many showstoppers catering to that aspect as well. A platform, that will allow the interaction of different cultures. There will be performances from various countries, stalls will be set up that will exhibit souvenirs, art objects and other items of cultural significance. There will also be a showcase of traditional dresses and their importance in society. This international interactive session will also have fun games, music, dance and food apart from the main festivities.

Apart from the above, there will also be a group singing competition and a competitive flower show that will entail a view of creative talent from the University. An on the spot Paining Competition will also be held on the 7th of January for Undergraduates and on the 8th of January for school children. Also, the Good Practices Award will be focussing on the Four Year Undergraduate Programme this year.

To top it all, we will witness University of Delhi’s mascot, the elephant at the venue, giving rides and greeting people. At the stalls you will also find DU branded goodies. The event is one to look forward to as it is the biggest event of the year with fun unlimited and a great time guaranteed. Hoping to see all of you there!


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