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Antardhvani 2014 Day One – Mauja Hi Mauja

Antardhvani 2014 Day One Coverage
Written by Moksh Garg

Shakespeare has unerringly cited-“All’s well that ends well” which precisely describes day one of the much awaited Central Cultural Fest-“Antardhvani-2014” which made its way two years ago with a pre-conceived proposition of uniting scattered colleges of Delhi University and proffer them a slot to beat the heat and exhibit their flairs in variety of fixtures ranging from flower show to movie making.

The day was maximally glacial and began with brisk rain-shower which ceased with crooked drizzling for entire day making it more strenuous for students to manage their prospective stalls and delaying certain program. However, students with great enthusiasm retrogressed the situation and facilitated management to run the event in intentional manner.

Even after severe vandalism, colleges and departments tried their level best to execute their plan in an effectual manner and were able to set up their stalls manifesting their idiosyncratic features and acceptance to FYUP in honing diversified skills.

Competitive events like Classical dance, Instrumental music, Folk dance and Vocal Solo were contrived at Indoor Stadium while other events like Debate, Photography ,Rangoli making and Rock band were allotted different venues.

Amongst all “Folk dance” competition allured audience the most. Groups like Ashawari, Anu Shekhawat and Jyoti dance group received mass applause. On receiving such a great response, one of the participant of Jyoti dance group, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College (Evening) said “This is something which we are going to cherish forever. We are very contented with our performance and want us to win this competition”

Another highlight of the event was “International Plaza”- an exclusive event by foreign staff of DU that saw heavy participation from different countries like Syria, Mongolia, Tibet, Korea and many more. They sang, danced, orchestered stall system and had a great march in the ground to represent countries which they belong to.

Tensin pal dom, B.Tech student of Gargi college said “We’re enjoying and having great fun. I want people from different countries to be friendly to each other” who herself represented Tibet.

For all gluttonous people, special eating arrangements of different cuisines were made to not let anybody go unsatisfied. There were food courts like Dilli ki Galli, Meal on a platter and Food plaza fulfilling aforesaid purpose.

The first day got terminated with Street Play competition and Sound and Light show based on theme “University of Delhi- A legend” which was positioned at vice regal Lodge in the Nehru Rose Vatika. Events like debate, Folk dance, Vocal-Solo, Rock band and Street Play will be organized on the second day as well to accommodate all the participants who got registered for them.

En masse the festival proved to be intoxicating for those looking for something unconventional and productive. Those who haven’t made their attendance on the first day have missed something substantial. Please make sure that only other two days are left to grab this opportunity before it gets too late. So READY, STEADY, PO….


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