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Another Semester To End

Semester exams dukhabar
Written by Siwangi Ronjan

The month of November marks the advent of our exams. The dates are nearing and so the tension and doldrums inside our skulls is accelerating.
  All the hangouts and bunkings have come to a halt and the students are busy scratching their head off in their classes and winding up their work, assignments while at the same time, coping up with the back to back internal assessment tests that are being taken by professors.
  All of us are drowning into the great depths of our main course subject so that we can somehow manage and prepare ourselves to keep up with the plague of our student world- THE END SEMESTER EXAMS.
  At the moment the only thing we could dream of and which is also serving as the only source of light in these dark, gloomy days is the END SEMESTER BREAK which we so desperately crave for.
   Therefore, the exam times are really high times when we have to ensure alertness in every inch of our fibre and stay surrounded by optimism which is the main base of every successful act. though our priority now is preparing for our exams for which we have been stressing ourselves, I would like to point out a phrase that we teenagers have messed up a little and which has gained much fame in our teen world, being ‘All study and no play , makes an unhealthy man.’ So while studying keep this wonderful teen phrase in your mind, plan things accordingly so as to maintain a sound mind. We need some recreation too which rejuvenates our tired brains.
   Another disease that is hand in glove with this plague is the internal and external assessments that take place. I believe that the worst part in these assessments is the viva round that take place with the science students during their practical tests. No matter how much you prepare, in the end when the question is finally put to you, you emerge as a complete dim witted student who did nothing the entire semester except making paper balls and giving nicknames to professors. I feel an enormous amount of relief after these heinous practical exams pass because I feel that theory exams are much more bearable then these practical’s.
   At the end of every semester we take a pledge inside our heads that we won’t repeat previous semester’s mistakes but ultimately we crawl back to square one. Talking about our end semester results; well they never leave an impact on us so perhaps and precisely this is the way every semester of ours end in a mind boggling but also a blissful manner.


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