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Tangentia-16 – Annual Mathematics Festival of ARSD

Arsd College maths fest
Written by DU Khabar
“Quaternion”-Mathematics Department of Arsd College presents its Annual Festival ‘Tangentia-16’. Everyone is Invited to take part in its 2 Days Festival on 22nd and 23rd of February 2016 for following events and get back home with loads of prizes!
Inaugural Lectures : Who would want to miss out on an opportunity to attend the lecture by University of Delhi’s Ex Vice Chancellor Prof. Dinesh Singh? Nobody, yeah that’s right. Prof. Dinesh singh will be our Chief Guest on Day 1, and will share some of his thoughts about mathematics!
In addition to that, The next day we have Prof. H.C. Taneja, Dean Faculty of Applied sciences, DTU to share his thoughts through a  lecture over applied mathematics.
1. Paper Presentation: It is the event that allows you to show off both your mathematical and presentation skills at the same time. Prepare a maths based research and present it in front of a panel of judges. As simple as that!
2. Fake the Research: Given a topic with some information provided, Can you prove or Disprove it? The only challenge is that you’ll have to use mathematics! From Probability to Game theory to sets theory to calculus. Be it anything but just mathematics!
3. Monopoly: We all have played this game and love it too, but hey, with a twist and tadka of mathematics we have made it even more exciting and fun! Give it a shot.
4. Quiz: If you think your relationship with mathematics is Rock Solid and trustworthy, let everyone know this February your valentine is mathematics. Astound us with your speed, logics, Reasoning and we promise to feed you with prizes!
5. Cric Bid: We all have wished to own an IPL Cricket team, but that’s an expensive dream right! All we lack is money, so let’s assume you have a million dollar, what’s next? Let’s bid, speculate and make one in a million team, the best team! Make the best use of the money you have!
6. Ad Mad: We have Grown up watching ads on television, newspapers, walls, banners blah blah, now we have moved on to youtube and hotstar as well. With time strategies changed to market and sell products. Can you make an advertisement that can make people laugh and feel like buying it right away? Well, if yes, then show us your skills!
7. Pic Charades: Presence of Mind is the key to success. Make a team of people who understand you and maths well. Put some logic, wit and win it!
8. Ghost Hunt: Treasure hunt is the event that completes a fest and is the soul of a fest. Guess what, You have to solve the mystery of a ghost only. We’ll send you to an adventurous Ghost Hunt.
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