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Annual Fest Miranda House Tempest’14

Tempest 2014 Annual Fest  Miranda House
Written by Madhur Khetrapal

The annual Miranda House fest, Tempest’14 actually brought a whirlwind with it as people lined up till the main road for hours to watch the iconic singer Arijit Singh perform live! People with and without invites stood in line in the hope to get in somehow and as time passed, everyone became even more eager to enter and so began resorting to other means. The policemen were being pestered time and again and people were coaxing them into opening the gates just once more.

By the time the performance was going to start, everyone had already pushed their way in somehow and were waiting with bated breath to hear his serene voice. It all began with an ‘Are you ready?’   
Loud cheers and people standing on chairs just to catch a glimpse of the singer whose songs make our heart skip a beat. The gigantic Miranda House ground was so crowded that getting in or out was a Herculean task. Then again who would want to leave that magical arena? As he sung his typical romantic songs everyone sung and danced along. Girls were swooning over him and

guys were being flung in the air to take a better look at him. As he sung ”Kyunki Tum hi ho bas tum hi ho” everyone in the audience joined him. You could see people’s phones high up in the air clicking photos and videos to capture the moment.

The crowd and the occasional squealing only added to the performance and made the entire atmosphere completely breathtaking. So much so that when he was done singing, his voice was still resounding in everyone’s head. It was most definitely a huge success and an evening spent well.   

Second Day

The second day of the Miranda House Tempest’14 was when the huge ground could actually been seen properly after the previous day’s eventful evening. The college was decorated as per the theme- Shades of green with recycled material. The stalls set up were selling everything from jewellery to posters but the one that really stood out was the ‘Cash to Trash’ stall. The products were decorated on a rickshaw, they were all made up of reused material such as pencil stands out of old cassettes and earrings using computer keyboard keys. The stall that was drawing all the girls’ attention was the one selling flower tiaras and by the end of the day every girl was wandering about adorning one of them. They were a huge hit!

Alongside, the fine arts society Aditya had exhibited some of their best wo

rk. This exhibition included paintings and portraits of famous personalities and people walked by with their eyes
widening as they recognised their favourite celebrities on paper. Another interesting event taking place was the Google Hangout with the Miranda House alumni. It was happening in one of the corridors and it intrigued everyone passing by. The conversation taking place was between the Principal of the college and college alumni.
During all this, an upcoming band was performing their original songs on the main stage and were egged on by occasional cheers from the audience. The others were listening but seemed too engrossed in eating the delicious street food sold at the various stalls at the ground.

All in all, Miranda House Tempest’14 was everything one could ask for and much more. Though, Arijt Singh took the cake, the fest did have plenty of other interesting events.


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I am a philosophy student at Miranda House. Reading, writing and drawing take up most of my time. I am a music junkie and I thoroughly enjoy traveling. As much as I like being around people, I am someone who really cherishes my alone time.

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