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Almuni Talk at NSIT

Alumni Meet
Written by Vinshu Jain

Mere words seem too trivial to explain the great sense of pride, the people of NSIT felt, when Ms. Ira Singhal and Ms. Nidhi Gupta, the distinguished alumni of NSIT and IAS rank 1 and rank 3 respectively, stepped onto the podium. The entire packed auditorium gave them a rousing standing ovation and a heartfelt welcome.

The event kicked off with the student council representatives formally welcoming Prof. Yogesh Singh, The Director and Prof. A.P Mittal, The Dean of Post-Graduate Studies for their kind consent to grace the occasion. Ms. Ira Singhal and Ms. Nidhi Gupta were presented with bouquets and were accorded a warm welcome by their alma mater.

Prof. A.P. Mittal was invited to give an address wherein he asserted the great privilege of having the first and third IAS rankers from NSIT and reminisced the four fruitful years spent by them in this college.

Next, Prof. Yogesh Singh was invited to welcome the crowd as well as the illustrious alumni the crowd had swelled to listen to. ”NSIT can do anything and everything. Winners achieve despite problems, not, in their absence,” were his exact words which directly resonated with the crowd. He encouraged one and all to not get bogged down by difficult circumstances and keep the goals and targets clear. He extolled the importance of bureaucracy in today’s times and how role of a bureaucrat holds so much importance in running a country. He concluded by quoting the Mahatma-“Take the decision in favour of last man in the country. That decision will never be wrong.”

The resounding applause was back as it was time for the much-awaited address by Ms. Ira Singhal. Her short and engaging speech was, in all respects, inspirational and thought-provoking. The managerial, entrepreneurial and communication skills that she had learnt in her four years in this college reflected in her demeanor. She emphasized the importance of “outside-classroom” experience which pertains to handling of difficult situations, dealing with ego clashes and development of inter-personal skills. She urged us all to work hard during these four years as engineering is the base to leapfrog to other careers. At the same time, she assured us that not all can be techies and even she had never got around finishing a tech project she took up in her first year. All in all, her address was jovial and interactive, replete with light banter and rhetoric questions and with which we could connect to.

Next in line was the equally awaited address of Ms. Nidhi Gupta. Hers was a profile to envy. With seven research papers to her name, experience being a part of Computer Society of India and a dream job in Adobe, she was one of those completely immersed in coding. But fate had other plans for her and she ended up being IAS rank 3. In her talk, she spoke about the dilemma she faced between GRE and MBA and tech and non-tech and how she decided upon the safest and wisest option. She gave a useful advice of following one’s interests, never looking back and trying to excel in the field chosen and responsibility undertaken. She ended by recommending us all to do as much as we can while channelising our energy in only one direction.

The event culminated with an energetic question and answer session in which our two distinguished alumni were bombarded with curious questions, genuine doubts and general advice.

NSIT managed to felicitate its successful almuni in as fitting a manner as possible and we felt privileged to have witnessed such an enriching session.


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