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AIESEC internship go abroad
Written by DU Khabar

AIESEC is a global organisation which envisions a world where youth is empowered enough to make a significant change in the world. Though the youth in itself is powerful enough to do anything, AIESEC through its leadership programs and international internship gives them a definite platform to put their leadership skills to manifest themselves and become global citizens. The history of AIESEC goes back to 1948, when it was conceived as an idea to “to expand the understanding of a nation by expanding the understanding of the individuals, changing the world one person at a time.” Today, the network of AIESEC has expanded to 124 countries and territories across the globe and is supported by 8,000 partner organisations.

AIESEC allows young minds to undertake both paid and voluntary internships.

Students who are still in university can enroll themselves on a social internship abroad called Global Citizen and those who have graduated and seek to intern abroad while getting work experience can choose the programme called Global Talent. Global citizen includes internship concerning social anywhere between human rights, environmental sustainability, HIV/ AIDS awareness and more. The Global Talent enables young graduates to gather practical experience on the education they gained while in college like management, IT network and databases, teaching, project management etc. They also get a stipend and the internship covers the living cost.

Going on an internship abroad comes with many benefits that are otherwise hard to get working on a regular internship in your home country. Working in a totally diverse environment with people living outside their comfort zones is an experience unmatched. You get to know yourself better and become aware of your latent strengths in crises. It also provides one with a global perspective which is indispensable for having a real entrepreneurial outlook in times likes today where the world has become one global village. One suspends preconceived notions about the world and its people and accepts it in true essense. Another significant advantage of these internships is the global career opportunities one gets via making huge global networks.

This winter, put these vacation to tremendous work and development through AIESEC. Go out there, learn about your capabilities and enhance them too. Leave your family behind for a short period and get a second family, forever.


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