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Aam Aadmi VS The Economist

Written by Vishal Singh

Initially with just 8 years of activeness in politics, he was reluctant to contest the Lok Sabha elections, but with the party officials asking him to do so he went to the people and offered them the choice to decide his credentials and his vision with the votes.
He was a logical thinker, had bag full of worthy experience and was the most promising and projected face for the supreme post of PM that time.
He was confident that if given an opportunity he’ll be an important instrument in lighting up the new guidelines for his contemporary politicians for the much needed socio-economic change.
He believed in a new type of politics-the frank politics. He stood in support of the words that, ‘We can fool some people for all time, all people for some time but not all people for all time’ and thus focused on honesty and integrity. He felt that our politicians are not able to adjust their thinking to the current scenario and supported this with the words of Prof. Raj Krishna that Indian Politicians are knowledge proof.
He was against the functioning of our politicians, and felt that our country will be in a great danger if the politicians will maintain the void between what they say, promise and what they originally do.
He stated that politics in this country has to be the servant of social sympathy.
If the Indian politics will not be well managed, and we’ll keep on dividing our country on the poor issues of caste, religion and other sectarian issues than there lies the danger that our country will perish as the Soviet Union did. He opposed the paid-votes system, and the vote banks of caste and religion politicians.
He focused on that, Leaders now have to be true leaders. They have to be pace setters. They shouldn’t follow what is momentarily in the popular culture. They should not adjust their thinking and agendas on looking the opinion polls and surveys. Politics has become just an vehicle to power, Power of not being an instrument for social change, but for attaining our selfish ambitions.

Unfortunately he lost in that election and so did his party.
But with tides of time making merry the party under the leadership of a so called ‘Vilayati’ ma’am dethroned the very much jellied National Democratic Alliance in the 2004 Lok Sabha elections. The above discussed man than again comes alive to the picture and to surprise many is elected as the next Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy. Ironically he wasn’t directly elected by the people as he didn’t contested for the Lok Sabha this time.

Now how and why the heated debate starts is because of the way his government functioned under his leadership, and that too for almost a decade by now. His words never and ever matched his actions. His knowledge never benefited this growing economy the way it should have been.

Is he a good leader..?? Doesn’t his party goes anti-secular sometimes..?? Isn’t he responsible for enlarging the gulf between the poor and rich..?? Isn’t his party going with the momentarily issues irrespective of their root thinking..??
Answers are yet to be heard…..and i think they’ll remain unheard ad the man has announced his volunatrily retirement from politics after the next general elections.

He is Dr. Manmohan Singh. Undisputed, the best Economist of his era. The man with a strong knowledge bank, but poor records in his exam sheet.


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