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Aam Aadmi Party- For Better or Worse?

Aam Aadmi Party- For Better or Worse
Written by Shivangi Dwivedi

With just a year of stepping foot in the political arena the Aam Aadmi Party with its white Gandhi Topi and the words, “main hun aam aadmi” written on its side, has gained laurels unparalleled in the political history of India. With Mr Arvind Kejriwal leading the charade, this party literally ‘of’ the people has gained momentum throughout the country. By gaining 28 seats out of the total 70 in Delhi, in its first election only, the Aam Aadmi Party has proved that it is now time for a change in the seat of power. However his advent to the top can prove to be disastrous for the bigwigs of politics.

When he diverged from Mr Anna Hazare to enter into politics, everyone was sceptical because this was a feat never quite accomplished before. A social activist, along with a group of common men set out to enter politics, with no political background. And now, he has taken over as the chief minister of Delhi after BJP bowed out to take to the stands. The swearing in ceremony that took place on 28th of December 2014 was just a demonstration of how he intends to do things. His simplistic views are reflected in his lifestyle, the humble abode he lives in and his decision to travel by metro to the swearing in ceremony, which caught the attention of many as the realisation dawned upon them, that he is here to make a change and to stay far longer than they anticipated.

Being the new chief minister of the state, he has kept with him the important portfolios that are home, finance, planning, power and vigilance, while his ministers handle the rest. True to his party’s name, he requisitioned the presence of common men at his swearing in rather than VIP’s, he announced that very day, that he will put in place a helpline number wherein people can report corrupt officials and has promised that action will be taken against them, moreover he also banned the use of red beacons in VIP cars as his decision to do away with VIP status. His ministers are also willing to uphold his every promise and to make the change we expect them to. They have denied escorts for themselves and Rakhi Birla came to work in an auto, showing that their party is not all bark. They have a bite and this bite might sting the former honchos.

He has sat on the chair of power a mere three days and he has already relieved nine officials of their duty handing them new ones. A bountiful of people believed that he had many tall promises that he would not be able to keep, that many called unrealistic but here’s some baffling news for all those who doubted his capabilities. Even though Mr Kejriwal was ill, he called a meeting of the Jal Board at his house owing to the fact that he couldn’t go to his office and fulfilled his promise of providing 700 litres of water daily.

Sharanya Rajeev, a student at Lady Sri Ram College was asked to give her views on Mr. Kejriwal as the chief minister. Here’s what she had to say, “I feel that it’s a change in the right direction which will surely enrich our democracy. His coming to power and simultaneously the number of seats the congress won in Delhi shows a change in the mind-set of the voters – that petty vote bank politics will no longer work in Delhi, as well as India because the population of Delhi in a way represents that of India – with all its diversity. So it remains to be seen how good Mr Kejriwal is on the job, but I’d say we’re already heading in the right direction.”

This is a situation that brings out the dichotomy between idealism and pragmatism. We might not achieve a perfect society but maybe this is our chance to get as close to it as possible. The past might have been a little too quiescent in the direction forward for our liking but the future will make our ombudsmen awaken from their dreams of themselves to the reality of our worlds. Now, the burden comes down on every one of us to help with the all the might we have and to not do anything to jeopardize our future. Let us, as citizens of a country on the verge of change, decide to stop corruption at our level and to do our tasks by giving it a hundred per cent. We might just make the needed difference. And who knows, we might see this wave of change reach other states as well soon enough.

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