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Interview with Aadith Sasi, Who Makes $10K+ Flipping Websites Every Month

Aadith sasi interviewed on Du Khabar Indias biggest website fipper
Written by DU Khabar

Today, we are  very excited as we are presenting the First Interview on DUKhabar. When we thought of putting interviews on our blog, the first name that came into our mind was of one of the most helpful and inspiring blogger, Internet Marketer, Website Flipper Aadith Sasi. He has been an Inspiration for many budding entrepreneurs and bloggers. Aadith is running his own company named Xpacmedia. He has flipped sites for more than 100k$ in his blogging career.

 Aadith is one of the Young Millionaire from India who earned this money on internet

  Aadith sasi interviewed on Du Khabar Indias biggest website fipper

Let’s have talk with him and know how he made it.


Aadith Please tell us about yourself.


I would like to thank DU Khabar for this opportunity  to be interviewed on a very established site for students. I have been in this internet field from last 4 years which was full of up and down but I  never  lost my hope.I currently own a company xpacmedia which owns more than 100 websites and provides all internet marketing services.Xpacmedia is the first company in India to come up with flipping services.

Tell us about your educational background.

I did my Higher secondary studies from D.P.S Maruti Kunj and am currently pursuing Btech1st year (CSE) from Gurgaon Institute of technology & Management,BIlaspur.

Everyone has someone inspiration. who has been your inspiration to enter into the world of Internet

I entered the world of internet as a article writer thru Pulkit Kaushik( ) for Sarvesh Darak from their I never looked back and faced hard times with a smile. My inspiration for flipping was Vikas Bhatt.

Which year did you enter into blogging and how did you start?

I entered into blogging by end of 2009 and after their was no looking back.I started as a article writer and later on started my own blogs and now

Which was your first blog. was my first blog which I started in partnership with Bhardwaj Anshu who funded me that time for hosting and domain.

What were the challenges that you faced while setting up your first blog.

Setting up first blog was the most difficult job for me as a teenager I was short of funds to buy domain and hosting.I had to find a guy who would help me with funds .

How good you are with coding.

I am not at all good at coding sites.I am currently learning coding and hope will be soon a expert.

How and when did you earn your first $ Online o.O ?

My first online income was a mobile recharge which I got for writing articles.

Which methods you tried to make money online and finally which method worked?

I tried almost all methods of making money online but very few of them worked like adsense, affiliate, infolinks, paid advertisements and flipping.

What does Flipping Website mean and Who gave this unique idea of website flipping to you?

Flipping site means selling your website or website idea to some one thru or some broker sites.I was inspired by Vikas Bhat who sold some sites over Flippa.

Which was the First website you flipped ?

The first site I flipped on Flippa was for 5000$ .

How much do you earn monthly? 😀

I Won’t like to share the exact figures  but let me give a approximate figure i.e 6 Figure INR

How this online business has changed the way of living for you?

I am living my life like I wanted to live . It feels good when you pay college fees and all your expenses rather than being dependent on  your parents.

What does your company Xpacmedia offer to its Clients?

Xpacmedia is the first company in India to come up with flipping services.We provide all services like Logo Designing ,Event Management, SEO Services , Site Development, Flipping Services.

Message for newbies Bloggers 😀

Never lose your patience , Work Hard and Hope For the best.


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